Widows Outreach 2017

Widows Outreach 2017

  • Programme Name: Widows Outeach 2017
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Programme Date: 2017
  • Programme Cost: March 27, 2019
  • Project url: www.example.com

About 10,000 widows on Saturday showered prayers of blessing on the presiding pastor of the Kings International Christian Centre (KICC) Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo‎, who doled out different material gifts to them. 

It was the 13th edition of the annual programme birthed by Pastor Matthew and his wife, Pastor Mrs Yemisi Ashimolowo. Every January, they provide thousand of widows with food, clothing and monies to help ease the burden which they cater for in their households.

“Suddenly, we are having to handle six towns, Ikire and Apomu, Modakake, Ile ife, Odeomu and Osogbo and there are still adjourning towns from there some widows have also come. It’s a great joy to celebrate with the widows, to celebrate them, to give them food and clothing – new cloth …. and put brand new mint money in their hands, the kind which some of them don’t handle in the whole year. It’s a great joy,” Pastor Ashimolowo told Channels Television.



Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo wants political leaders in Nigeria to do more for the less privileged

He said they have also been able to give scholarships to some less privileged.

“Initially we used to give scholarship to students from our own town, Odeomu, but I’ve diverted that to be giving it to those who come to Kings University, as long as they qualify.

“It is very gratifying particularly with these widows. Nigeria doesn’t have a Social Security System whereby there will be provision for needy people. Many of these women what we are giving to them is like the biggest thing some of them will handle in the year but when you have to do that and spend 40 million Naira for the event, it may not be much to somebody but it’s a lot to us.

“This is not KICC, although many think so but it’s just me and my wife and we are excited to be doing his.

“There is a challenge, recession and hunger. One of the greatest challenges of any nation is if the leadership is not in connect with the need and situation of the people. Maybe someone needs to realise that our people need more reprieve than they are getting.

“It’s heartbreaking if one of the richest nations in the world has one of the worst road networks. Our leaders need to wake up or else you might just push people to the brink. Many have come out of this area, who have used the name of this area to become senators, Honourable and ministers, but you can’t see what anyone is doing. But I’m glad I’m doing this for Christmas and his Kingdom,”the pastor concluded.

The programme played host to some ministers of God and one of them is the presiding Bishop of Agape Christian Ministries Worldwide, Bishop Felix Adejumo, who spoke with Channels Television.

He commended the gesture of Pastor Ashimolowo.

“This is what you call Christianity in action. This is practical Christianity because without touching the poor, the widows, your message is incomplete. So what he is doing, he is attracting more grace to himself, because I am too sure these widows will never forget him. They will pray for his family, that is the secret of longevity and the secret of long life.

“If you have it and you are not sharing it, it is not good. So I am impressed with what Pastor Ashimolowo is doing because we also do it in our church. I will implore wealthy Nigerians to follow this kind of examples.

The beneficiaries were full of smiles, as they left the premises with the gifts they got even as they thanked God for the life of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and his wife and prayed for them.